What innovative leadership capacities are you seeking to improve? Are you seeking strategies to better negotiate change? To become more adept at managing ambiguity—competing perspectives on what constitutes quality or success, or whose expertise shall prevail? To enhance your capacity to broker new solutions across disciplines?

I. Customized executive education experiences

Elizabeth offers customized executive education experiences that integrate strategic design thinking and the latest, proven leadership practices for advancing innovation, entrepreneurial ideas, and change.  

Elizabeth's sessions are immersive, experiential, and hands-on. Participants immediately put theory into practice--testing what works best for them while examining their hot buttons and assumptions that might constrain their ability to take action. Rather than just listening and talking about the innovative leadership process participants experience for themselves the trade-offs and triumphs, messiness and chaos of strategic design thinking, co-creating across boundaries, managing ambiguity, navigating change, and negotiating implementation of their innovative ideas

Participants are stretched out of their comfort zone as they engage in key innovative leadership capacities, while gaining fundamental insights about innovation and their own capacity to inspire and realize creative goals and collaborative work. 

Customize your learning experience 

* Kick off: Leading Change and Innovation Boot Camp

* From Manager to Catalyst: Innovative Leadership & Design Thinking Immersion

* Navigating Ambiguity: The 21st Century Innovative Leadership Challenge

* Break Down the Silos! Bringing Unexpected Partners Together

* The Myth of Creative Collaboration: How do I Negotiate Collective Creativity? 

* Creating Innovative Leadership Development Pathways in your Organization (for HR)

II. Introducing a systems Approach: Engage the Innovative Leadership Fluency Assessment

How fluent are members of your organization in the process of advancing innovation and entrepreneurial ideas from concept to implementation? 

The Innovative Leadership assessment identifies opportunities to develop individual and organizational capacity for such fundamental innovative leadership capacities as managing ambiguity, empathic listening, systems thinking, storytelling, visual thinking, improvisation, brokering ideas across boundaries, brainstorming on the fly, eliciting assumptions, integrative problem solving, design thinking, coalition building, defining problems, negotiating collective creativity, exercising change levers.  

The assessment can be used to identify ways to systematically build capacity in your organization, and to offer development pathways for employees and leaders over time. 

Elizabeth has worked with executives from a diverse array of companies, from Fortune 100 companies to tech start-ups.   

INterested in learning more? 

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