Why design thinking?

Looking for a video that helps explain why we use human-centered design thinking? This is a great podcast, motivated by a simple observation--"It's not you, it's the door!"  Starring Don Norman, too. 


In Practice: Notice your Environment

Noticing is a leadership fundamental. Noticing subtle social cues, problems and details and opportunities that others fail to see. 

For this week's exercises, I encourage you to "notice" your work surroundings. Take a photo and share where you feel most creative, or moments of grace and good design in your surroundings.    

Want more? Check out this oldie but goodie piece from Maria Konnikova, "How to Think Like Sherlock Holmes"



Lean Business Model Canvas

Forget the 20 page business plan. Entrepreneurs need a "lean" approach that embraces rapid prototyping, user-centered solutions, and a visual storytelling tool for quickly and effectively sharing the details of your business model.

The Lean Business Model Canvas provides "your business model on one page"--and is a tool for describing and analyzing user needs, key resources and partners, and fundamental business metrics.

Check out the 2 minute overview video, and the Lean Business Model Canvas